MSX Mansion update

MSX Mansion update

by meits on 10-08-2017, 00:28
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"Hi folks!" is what the always friendly Banjo Guy Ollie would say. The mad banjoguy and his dog Simon visited their MSX Mansion again and took two games with them to test.
The victims of the speedpainting arcade cabinet repairsman are Tales of Popolon and Pang!. Tales of Popolon, inspired on Konami's Knightmare series by Braingames was first released as MSXdev#17 contender and just recently physically released as a cartridge by Matra. Pang! by Michel Louvet is an arcade port published by Repro Factory. Or was it perhaps a port of the 2013 MRC Tenliner Challenge winner Bubble Dream?


Here are MRC user olonguet's videos for Tales of Popolon and Pang!.

"There you go."

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By ro

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10-08-2017, 13:55

nice vids, made me scratch my nipples

By larsthe18th

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10-08-2017, 14:25

I realy like this channel, and ofcourse am subbed.

The Arcade DIY #23 Galaga Board #3 repair video inspired me to create a
Galaga Rapid Fire IPS Patch for the MSX version.

Tested on Galaga (1984)(Namcot).rom with SHA1=95f36cf00cee3db55940eb60cd39412226a99e94

By meits

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10-08-2017, 17:28

I just recently told a friend how stupid i think it is that i don't live in the same street as him... i'm a fan and want to play on his arcade machines Smile