Castlevania goes heavy metal

Castlevania goes heavy metal

by Albert Pieter D... on 27-10-2015, 22:25
Topic: MSX Related

When covers of gametunes appear on the net they're mostly done on a computer. Actually quite understandable because it's not that easy to assemble a complete band for "just" game tunes. And when it happens that some "live" played gametunes hit the net they're either JDK quality or the total opposite. And as it rarely happens, this gem found by Albert Pieter Dotinga - formerly knew as Poisonic - is something worth mentioning. Eventhough it covers Castlevania and thus a small bit of Vampire Killer it's worth your attention.

One two three four. Bang your head.

Relevant link: Castlevania goes heavy metal

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By Akiguchi

Hero (623)

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27-10-2015, 23:13

Nice! There's even a finnish black metal band playing cover of Castlevania:


By syn

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28-10-2015, 00:27

Sounds nice Big smile

By ray2day

Paladin (733)

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31-10-2015, 15:59

Really, really cool Cool