Castlevania Retrospective by Strafefox

by FiXato on 23-08-2014, 01:06
Topic: MSX Related

Retrogame enthusiast and videomaker Strafefox, known for his many MSX- and retro-related game reviews, recently released the second part of an interesting retrospective of Castlevania with excellent narration by Steven Kelly.
Though the most recent part focuses on the 16-bit titles in the series, the first part is more relevant to us MSX'ers, as it focuses on the initial three NES titles, two Game Boy titles, and of course the MSX classic, Vampire Killer.
While the initial video mostly just shows footage from the Nintendo releases, it is still great to see the MSX version discussed and compared to its NES sibling. The video also briefly shows footage of other MSX titles, such as Maze of Galious and Treasure of Uşas.

Relevant links: Strafefox's Castlevania Retrospective: Review part1 NES and MSX and part 2

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By KdL

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23-08-2014, 14:03

impressive and very very cool! Smile

By FiXato

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23-08-2014, 14:20

Had to update the post as it erroreously linked to a previous Snatcher retrospective we had reported about earlier ;p

By jurjen74

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02-09-2014, 14:15

Nice. Cool