AuroraMSX found this small download package in the deep dark dungeons of his mailbox and decided to share it with the MSX community. It contains a color fade routine for GraphSaurus PLx palettes to be used in BASIC. Source code and an example is included. Apart from the fading routine, the source code how to load a file in DOS1, how to install a USR routine from ASM and how to handle USR() parameters of different types.

Relevant link: Color fading routine for MSX-BASIC

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By SLotman

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30-01-2016, 06:30

Hmmm? That fading program is part of disc#2 of Graph Saurus (which is available on my site for ages...)
Edit: Nevermind, the code is completely different. But there are samples in Disk#2 that does the exact same type of color fading Smile