DSK-PRO 11.1 Deep Impact Version

DSK-PRO 11.1 Deep Impact Version

by cbsfox on 30-03-2017, 18:53
Topic: Software
Tags: copier, disk, dsk-pro, tool

DSK-PRO has been upgraded to v11.1 under the moniker "Deep Impact". DSK-PRO is a fast and universal copier that can handle almost every protected disc and is free to download.

The improvements are:

  • Now it shows in the display if a track has overlapping sectors with the letter 'S'
  • Hard Mode improved to detect more protections correctly
  • First access to the track improved a lot on every disk change
  • Some core code was rewritten to improve performance
  • The header CRC values in the PDI were corrected
  • PDI pack included with new files
  • Fully compatible with openMSX v0.13
  • ROM version included

Note: There are still some locks that can not be copied for now.
Also, it is advised not to use another DOS1 instead of the one on the DSK file. If you use another one, it may not load the file DSKPRO.COM correctly. This problem doesn't occur with DOS2 and Nextor.

Relevant link: DSKPRO111.zip
Relevant link: DSK-PRO_MANUAL.txt
Relevant link: Front Page Art

Comments (7)

By Samor

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31-03-2017, 16:30

And to think Mexico border walls get excited all the time ... this tool is something else Tongue

By Manuel

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05-04-2017, 18:07

Another idea: if you don't have a mass-storage medium, you can't create a DSK file with a tool, as the DSK file wouldn't fit on the target disk where you dump to. To fix that, Xelasoft came up with a compressed format, called XSA (XelaSoft Archive?). See http://www.msx-plaza.eu/home.php?page=misc/xsaformat

It would make DSK-PRO a lot more useful if it could dump to XSA format (and also use XSA as source to dump to a physical disk), as it would then not require a mass storage device anymore. What do you think?

By Hydragon

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05-04-2017, 18:15

Nice feature request Manuel.

By cbsfox

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16-04-2017, 23:50

Yes, I would be a nice feature. But I don't have more free space in memory for that.

By DRomero

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20-05-2018, 20:05

Hello, not a single link of all the different versions (current & old) of DSK-PRO are working, anyone know where can i download the latest version please?

Last one i know was v11.5..


By DRomero

Expert (126)

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21-05-2018, 09:46

Found it, v11. 6 on a Facebook page Smile