November last year Jorito participated in a music challenge with a remake of the famous Illusion City intromusic. He made a nice video clip to present his composition which you can watch right here. It was this video which inspired Kai Magazine to start a very bold project: recreating the Mega-CD version of the Illusion City introdemo for MSX2!

Large sized ROM cartridges and mass storage devices make it possible to create visuals on MSX never seen before but it is needed to invest a lot of energy and time. Kai Magazine did just that and the result is nothing less than spectacular.

As with previous projects such as Lilo, No Name and Nuts, Kai Magazine used Turbo Basic (Kun Basic) to code the demo which makes the effort even more amazing.

Kai Magazine made a video of the demo which you can watch on YouTube. They also offer you the possibility to add the demo to your own collection as they distribute the demo in three versions:

  • Digital version which includes the demo and box cover for 6 euro
  • Boxed diskette version to be installed onto a mass storage device for 10 euro + shipping
  • Boxed Cartridge version for 30 euro + shipping (the cartridge is a high capacity 64mega rom model (8000k))

If you want to purchase this demo you can contact Kai Magazine at or

On our forums the remake has already been discussed right here. There you can also see some pictures of the above mentioned cartridge and diskette versions.

Relevant link: Illusion City Mega-CD introdemo for 64kB MSX2