La Mulana PC version available

La Mulana PC version available

by Samor on 16-07-2012, 19:51
Topic: MSX Related

La Mulana is an action-adventure game that originally featured graphics, music and an interface inspired by MSX games. It's a 2D side scrolling platformer for Microsoft Windows that was originally released in 2005 and only available in Japanese. The game became very successful amongst gamers and also saw a translation to English.

After the success of the original release, the creators started working on a port for the Nintendo Wii. The WiiWare version has a tuned difficulty level and up-to-date graphics and music when compared to the original version. This updated WiiWare version has only been released in Japan; the releases in Europe and the United States were cancelled due to lack of a publisher in those regions.

Fortunately this WiiWare version will also come to the PC! Playism, a group of people that wants to bring Japanese Indie games to the West, contacted the creators of La Mulana and the result of that is that La Mulana is available as a launch title for the English Playism website. The game is fully translated to English and is available now from their website for $14.99 (about €12.50).

Last but not least, La Mulana's creators noted on their blog they haven't given up on a WiiWare version after all. Whether or not it will be released is uncertain, but it has already been declared that a possible version for the Wii will not have any DLC available.

Relevant link: La Mulana

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By mars2000you

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17-07-2012, 18:56

If you compare manuals of old version and new version, you'll notice that all direct references to MSX have disappeared in the new version. Shocked!

Obviously, this non-freeware new version is not targetted at the same public, contrary to the freeware old version. Of course, the graphics are better in the new version, but it is no more the same spirit : we had a tribute to MSX, now we have a remake of the tribute ... Hannibal

By Jorito

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17-07-2012, 19:14

Rumor has it that the original game was also quite difficult. Something that has been remedied in this remake. In fact everything was made more accessible, so that's good for retro gamers of all ages. Hopefully some of them will also play the original game and enjoy the MSX tribute once more!

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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17-07-2012, 20:04

Yes, in the freeware version some items were MSX cartridges which you had to combine. It seems that in the new version, the MSX-related stuff has been changed to PC-related stuff.

By Manuel

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18-07-2012, 11:03

So, I think I prefer the freeware version as in the new version all MSX references are gone. And there were LOTS!

By mars2000you

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18-07-2012, 15:32

To make the 1st version more easy, you can use Cheat Engine :

By mars2000you

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18-07-2012, 16:52

Another video, even more longer ! It's the Japanese version ....

(MP4 = 584 megas)

By KdL

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19-07-2012, 01:15

mars2000you wrote:

To make the 1st version more easy, you can use Cheat Engine :

the game isn't nice as well, the tricks are boring and they are the death of any game!!!!!!!!!

By Samor

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02-08-2012, 15:01

Manuel wrote:

So, I think I prefer the freeware version as in the new version all MSX references are gone. And there were LOTS!

Are they completely gone ore obscured?
I guess when you go the commercial route one has to be on the safe side...
still, the artwork on the site is unmistakingly inspired by certain Konami game boxes.

By Huey

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02-08-2012, 15:13

gone as 99,99999% of the target audience doesn't know/care about MSX.
Also it would be silly to have a 16bit game (look feel) with specific 8bit MSX references.

Just play the original version. That one has the best atmosphere (I'm biased of course).