MSX-Level Editor challenge closed - Judging time

MSX-Level Editor challenge closed - Judging time

by ro on 17-12-2021, 10:39
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The MSX Level Editor contest has just passed the deadline for registration. The compo that challenges you to create custom original levels for existing MSX games has resulted in a good bunch of submitted entries. It's jury time.

Earlier this year, the MSX-LE challenge kicked off and announced the deadline to be end of 2021. That date has just passed, and the compo has received different new levels from 16 participants. Hosted by MSX Translations, the MSX LE contest has delivered an impressive list of new levels. Just have a look:

  • 66 levels for King's Valley 2
  • 20 levels for Brisk
  • 6 levels for Eggerland
  • 108 levels for 6 games in the Free for All category
  • 6 entries for the editor category

A huge list of new goods granting hours of game play. The LE compo was also the catalyst for side projects Brisk and Tako & Ika 3 that got translated from their original, non-English, texts. These games include level editors, and by translating the games they were fit to enter the free-style category. Nice.

Having all these entries judges, isn't an easy task. No sir, it is a day-time job to get those 200 entries played, judged, scored, and ranked. You can imagen this won't be done yesterday. The organization of the match is aware that it probably won't be done this year. We'll keep you updated on that.

In the mean-time, put that MSX computer close the Christmas tree, take a few days off, send kids to their grandparents for a long sleep-over and tell the wife to keep snacks coming while you enjoy all new MSX game levels. Happy gaming ya'll.

relevant link: MSX Level Editor Contest - Entries

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By Arjan

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25-12-2021, 10:01

Oof, that's going to be quite a lot of gaming sessions, good luck! Big smile

By ro

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20-05-2022, 16:42

We have a winner yet?