MSX-related music to wash your hands!

MSX-related music to wash your hands!

by rjp on 21-03-2020, 15:19
Topic: MSX Related

As we know, we're in the middle of a worldwide pandemic situation, caused by the SARS-COV-2 virus. So, wash your hands is a good way of avoiding contamination, but you should wash your hands properly by brushing your hands together by 20 seconds, at minimum.

So, we created a music playlist, in order to help you wash your hands properly. Take your phone, open the YouTube app, choose our playlist and let the app randomly choose a music. All the musics lasts from 20 to 70 seconds. In the end, you'll be clean and happy to listen a great (and short) music!

Now we have only MSX tunes, most of them from Konami. But we accept suggestions, too.