The first edition of the #msxdev compo is about to reach an important milestone. On November 30th, in less than two weeks, participants to this compitition will have to have registered their entries. So far, Darkstone have announced an entry called Pixiedust, Z80ST software is to release their platform game Kaba no Tou, commodorejohn will release the previously postponed Radish Sabre and a name new to MSX, Aetherbyte is to release a side-scrolling action RPG called Inferno, of which you can see some interesting screenshots right here.

We have received rumors that more people intend to join this competition, so we would like to remind and encourage everyone to remember and submit a working development snapshot before November 30th.

Relevant link: #msxdev compo 2012

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By syn

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20-11-2012, 23:52

I am looking forward to the results of this game, new msx software is always nice. I hope more ppl will enter so this contest can go on and on and on and give us many great games, especially "high-spec" ones Big smile

By sd_snatcher

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22-11-2012, 21:42

If I only had more free time... Sad

By Lord_Zett

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26-11-2012, 12:42

Time to get better and code again. drawing is done and started allready on the levels