MRC user Ollie Longz, aka olonguet, is known for his MSX Mansion Youtube videos. In these videos Ollie digs into MSX classic games and reports about it. Those quality, in depth, videos are a must-see for us MSX fans. The MSX Mansion has just been enriched with a report about the game Xyzolog.

An MSX Mansion video is always a treat. These videos, hosted on BG Ollie's channel, report on MSX games from various publishers. The latest report is on the game Xyzolog. It was published in 1984 by Taito, but never officially made it to other platforms (with the exception of a homebrew port on the ZX Spectrum), despite it being a rather fun and accessible game.

Relevant link: MSX Mansion - Xyzolog

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By hamlet

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29-04-2017, 14:45

Hey Ollie! My daughter and me love your vids! Should ask you to bring your dog back at stage!

By meits

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29-04-2017, 18:53

I love that man... In a non erotic way of course...