Project Melancholia - Demo version

Project Melancholia - Demo version

by snout on 26-01-2014, 23:54
Topic: Translations

The developers of SD-Snatcher retranslation Project Melancholia have been kind enough to release a new demo version of the game, which contains the fully translated intro demo's and all in-game texts until disk 2 (Center Plaza). This new demo can be found in the downloads corner of their website.

Relevant link: Project Melancholia website

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By TheWhipMaster

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27-01-2014, 15:38

The demo is good, but the real thing it's just stunning ... I might sound like a maniac but I finishing the game , I couldn't stop myself from starting a new party to test every single comer of this brilliant translation.

By J-War

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01-02-2014, 16:58

Indeed !
Congrats again for the team and their awesome work.