Se tuli nenästä '13

by NYYRIKKI on 06-08-2013, 19:50
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This year Vammalaparty 19 (Pelikonepeijaiset 11) was held July 26-28. The event was named 'Se tuli nenästä '13'. In English that would be something like 'It came from nose '13'.

This year MSX was selected as special theme because of its 30th birthday. This was very visible on the party place as all the MSX generations were present from MSX1 to the 1chipMSX. A DJ was also playing for example old Konami classic MSX-musics from original LP.

MSX entries also ruled the compos... NYYRIKKI's MSX tR entry "Tein minä sitten demon BASIC:llä" (=~So I did a demo on BASIC) won first place in the demo compo with 33% of the votes and not much behind followed Abrels by Lieves!Tuore (a Karaoke remake of Finnish song "I'm 30-years old") with 29% of the votes.

The demo compo was not the only one infected with MSX entries... On the wild compo "MSX Forever" music video by Yuri, NYYRIKKI & Ms.X got huge applause and took well over twice the amount of votes compared to second position in this compo.

In music compo the first place was not directly MSX related and went to "Reunasenmarkku" by Ville, but it was followed by PSG-entry "Boombox" by Yzi in second place and MSX-Music entry "Hampipiipi" by NYYRIKKI.

Relevant link: Lieves!Tuore demo & music
Relevant link: NYYRIKKI Tein minä sitten demon BASIC:llä demo

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