The story of the Konami Code

The story of the Konami Code

by Jorito on 29-11-2012, 20:29
Topic: MSX Related

About half a year ago we reported about Konami development tools, giving an insight into how Kojima's classic Solid Snake was developed and what kind of tools and hardware they used.

This time MRC lurker The Engineer found another interesting article that dives into the history of Konami. The article describes the beginning of Konami as primarily a producer of coin-operated Arcade games and how the early development teams of MSX' competitor the NES functioned. Two of the early NES team members are interviewed and tell how Nintendo games were created back in the day. There are honourable mentions of the development of Ganbare Goemon, and the porting of Gradius to the NES. Due to the limited controls on the NES, the Gradius port was also responsible for the creation of the popular Konami code, a cheat and gimmick that also made its appearance in a lot of other games and products.

Relevant link: The story of the Konami Code

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By tfh

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29-11-2017, 09:55

And never in any MSX game?

By wimpie3

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29-11-2017, 10:59

I don't see how this is MSX related. The Konami code is never used on the MSX platform.