The Dragnet Case

The Dragnet Case

by ro on 31-01-2023, 15:49
Topic: Software

For the original Spectrum planned game The Dragnet Case, it took 35 years to complete and have an MSX version released. An old-skool adventure game available for multiple platforms, now available for free.

Do you ever get a feeling of deja vu? You might, when you read the story of two school friend to start a software company called Traskmaster Software in the year 1983. The company created an adventure game called The Dragnet Case that was due to be published when fate played its part. Live kicked in with the men getting daytime jobs and moving, and machines broke down.

The Dragnet Case was made using an adventure creator tool named PAWS, which was later replaced by successor DAAD. Talking about deja vu, the DAAD Adventure Writer was lost too. Untill a few years go whenthe text based adventure game creator was fully recovered after 30 years!

Just last year, the Taskmaster company picked up their old sources from the attic, put'm in the newer DAAD engine and transformed the whole to a multi platform game. MSX included.

The game is an old-school text adventure, so put away your joysticks and get your fingers ready for some typing exercise. In The Dragnet Case you play the role of Sam Boon, an L.A. Private Detective, solving his latest case. To progress through the game you will need to interact with your environment and objects, while keeping an eye in your inventory.

The game comes in .DSK format for both MSX1 and MSX2, where the latter has some extra images included.

Relevant link: The Dragnet Case web-site.