Valis II: The Fantasm Soldier drum kit enhancement patch v2

Valis II: The Fantasm Soldier drum kit enhancement patch v2

by ro on 08-04-2023, 16:24
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The 1989 game The Fantasm Soldier Valis 2, by Reno, got another update on it's PSG drumkit. The updated patch for that is available as we speak.

Just a couple of years ago, FRS (aka sd_snatcher) took the classic MSX2 game The Fantasm Soldier Valis 2 by its balls and pimped it to have a better balance between the PSG and FM sound. Further more, his "turboFix" was added to speed up the game. The PSG drums especially where changed to a better sounding set. More recently, the game was also translated into using English captions.

While FRS was keen to call it his Easter gift, the man repeated this mantra by bringing an update on that same PSG patch. Yes, again during Easter. Version 2 of the drumkit enhancement patch has the following improvements over the previous patch version:

  • An even better sounding drumkit than patch v1
  • Turbofix of the OPLL I/O routine, and optimization of this routine for non-turbo computers
  • Better multiplexing of the PSG between the SFX and BGM. It's a simple workaround and not yet the definitive solution, but at least it allows the drums to be heard most of the time now.
  • Implements a workaround for the sound bug that happens at the 2nd part of the cutscene at the end of act 5

Please note that the cutscenes are not turbofixed yet, so they will play faster than they should. Check the included README file for a workaround. For an even more pleasant music experience, you might want to check if your MSX computer needs a hardware sound fix at this page.

All in all another fine upgrade to an already great game. Have fun this Easter.

Relevant link: Download the patch here
Relevant link: Listen to the OST

Comments (4)

By QBee Sam

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09-04-2023, 10:14

Amazing... as always, thank you!

By syn

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12-04-2023, 15:27

@FRS: I have to admit that when you first released the drumkit patch I didnt understand the need to change the drums since the original ones sounded fine.
Flash forward a few years after listening to many psg tunes from other platforms and many hours/days/weeks of playing around with creating drums myself would say the drums in Valis II are not that good and could have been a lot better. So I might have been too harsh with my opinion about your original release.

The new drumkit sounds nice.

By max_iwamoto

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17-04-2023, 21:22

Great release!

By sd_snatcher

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24-04-2023, 03:39

Thank you for your kind words, QBee Sam, syn and max_iwamoto! Smile

Not need to worry, you just explained your POV, in a respectful way, back then.