ViGaMuP: a new KSS player for Android

ViGaMuP: a new KSS player for Android

by ro on 06-07-2017, 14:31
Topic: Emulation

ViGaMuP is a Video Game Music player for Android, currently supporting KSS and SPC formats. ViGaMup was designed to have a very usable interface; so not just be able to play the files, but also have a good experience getting the music and selecting tracks and games.


- Support from Android 4.4 up to the latest
- Tested on real devices with Android 5, 6 and 7, 4.4 on VM
- Easy to use and quick user interface
- Afaik the only Android player using libkss, more accurate playback then other players (they all use GME) also supports Y8950.
- Uses C based OpenSLES for audio through JNI giving high performance, changing tracks and games takes tenths of a second
- Support for dragging around in the current track once the audio has been generated, similar to msxplay.js
- Very easy downloading using QR codes with the camera; visit for music (on some other PC or phone)
- Music packs must have a list of tracks to play, so no pushing next to find the music like most kss players require, also skipping the SFX
- Track info is supported as well, including Japanese characters
- Logo can be included, they will be used in the app
- has a nice polished Konami package, all logos and track info with correct playing times included
- Notification on >= Android 5 for playback similar to Play Music and Spotify; you can swipe the app away, the nofication and the service will keep running
- Adaptive notification layout based on logo dimensions
- Lockscreen notification as well
- Several Options for playback: play every track from game then next game, loop current track, loop current game, randomise current game, randomise all tracks from all games
- Display titles trough Bluetooth on A2DP supporting devices
- Full playback control with Bluetooth enabled devices supporting AVRCP
- Automatic muting and resuming with phone calls and when connecting/disconnecting to Bluetooth devices
- The SPC features are tightly integrated with; automatic downloading of rar files from there, get all the track information automatic, get the logo as well, offer playback by unpacking only the SPC file which should be played

relevant link: Get your copy at the Google PlayStore

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Comments (2)

By niek

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10-11-2017, 19:10

ViGaMuP now also supports the VGM format, so the whole collection of (including some Moonsound music) is at your disposal.

By JohnHassink

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10-11-2017, 20:13

That's great niek!