Yamaha MMP-01 protocol reverse engineered

Yamaha MMP-01 protocol reverse engineered

by ro on 29-09-2017, 13:00
Topic: Hardware

For MSX, Yamaha is known for their audio chips and peripherals. A standard MSX has the Yamaha Programmable Sound Generator (PSG) on board. Or what about the OPL soundchips used in FM-PAC, for example. Then there's also the Yamaha MMP-01, an external Music Pad dedicated to creation of music. This little known device features a matrix of buttons whose functions will vary according to the software being used, and its matching sheet. This device has been a kind of mystery, since now. The protocol to communicate with it has finally been documented.

The Yamaha MMP-01 Music Pad protocol has been reverse engineered by MRC user sd_snatcher. The information is about the device and it's protocol is made available on the MRC wiki page. Now it can be emulated, or even newer devices can be built based on the standard.

Relevant link: MMP-01 Wiki page

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30-09-2017, 23:23

Again, thank you for your dedication sd_snatcher. A video about this device would be interesting.