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by snout on 06-02-2002, 22:48
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This message was received from MSX Power Replay.MSX Power Replay is proud to invite you to MadriSX 2002, the IXth edition of the famous MSX fair of Madrid, this year we have an official sponsor: Instrumentacin y Componentes - - and we have changed our location to offer you the best.


Cultural centre "El Greco"
Greco s/n (corner Villamann)
Tlf. 91 479 32 61 - 31 50
Saln de actos (main meeting room)


9th of March, Saturday
Standholders must be present at 9:00, the rest of the visitors after 10:30
It will finish about 17:00 - 18:00 hour




Without official confirmation, we will receive the visit of Moai Tech, AAM, Club Mesxes, Moai Tech, Traposoft, Hnostar, VAJ Club... And probably LP Electronics, Sunrise, Boh Ken y another groups. We wait for standholders confirmation.

How to get there

N-V highway, Batn exit
Metro Batn
Buses 33, 36, 39 y 65.

More information and news at our website.MSX Power Replay

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By Leonardo Padial

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10-02-2002, 12:05

I had see some informations over me ( LP Electronics) posible asistence to next MSX fair of Madrid write by Rafael Corrales as "MSX POWER REPLAY". Is possible some people can be confused. I do non have intention to go there.