MSX Fair Bussum 2004 -reminder-

by Latok on 04-10-2004, 11:28
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The biggest MSX fair in Europe is only a few days away! Of course, if you're a die-hard MSX-er, you have the date 9th of october 2004 written on your forehead for quite some months now. For the record, this newspost isn't meant for you. We would remind all the other MRC readers that next saturday really is a great chance to see what MSX is all about in the 21st century or just to revive the wonderful MSX years you experienced yourself when you were a kid or...Well, at least a bit younger.

The location is the same as previous years, 'Buurtcentrum Uitwijk', Dr. Schaepmanlaan 10 in Bussum, The Netherlands. The fair starts at 10 o'clock in the morning and lasts until 5 o'clock in the afternoon. After the fair, the MSX Marathon starts which will last until 10 o'clock sundaymorning. 24 hours of MSX action!

Here's a list of the current boothholders:

  • TNI - Next to organizing the fair itself, they will also give ongoing demonstrations of the latest TNI software developments
  • MSX Resource Center - We will be there as well celebrating our 10 years of existence! And when you're having your birthday, it is time for presents. Just visit our booth and you'll be pleasantly surprised. Next to our celebrations, you can also have a look at the ASCII MSX Game Reader and several Japanese MSX Magazines. Of course the latest Bounce Challenge entries will be shown as well as some impressive EVA movies
  • Sunrise Foundation - Wanting to give your MSX a hardware boost for quite some time now? This is your chance. Just visit the Sunrise booth and you can buy a large variety of MSX hardware such as the GFX9000 and the Compact Flash IDE interface. Next to hardware, Sunrise also offers a nice range of software, like Realms Of Adventure and Bombaman. Last but not least, Sunrise will give a demonstration of their own USB-Game Reader prototype
  • HCC MSXgg - This large MSX group will give information about the regular HCC (Hobby Computer Club, the biggest computerclub in The Netherlands with more than 200.000 members) activities and of course, the MSX activities in particular
  • Totally Chaos - Rinus Stoker and his friends will be there selling their new MSX magazine 'MSX World Wide', old 'MSX-Info' MSX magazines as well as cables and second handed software. Their booth is also the place to have a look at or even buy Padial hardware
  • Bas Kornalijnslijper - Well known for his extensive MSX hardware knowledge, this saturday is your chance to talk to him in person and get your hardware problem solved. Next to doing repairments and selling hardware extensions, he also offers second handed hardware and cables
  • Delta Soft - These guys always make something special out of their booth and sure know how to enjoy themselves. They will give demonstrations of their home made software, which, of course, you can buy as well
  • Ronnie van der Kolk - His Japanese contacts stay mysterious, fact is this dude offers a great collection of Japanese hard- and software. Want to complete your Konami, Falcom or Microcabin collection? Give his booth a visit
  • openMSX developing team - This is the booth to visit if you're into MSX emulation. The openMSX team will show the 0.5 version of their emulator and they are eager to talk with you about the latest developments and hear all your requests and opinions. You can also buy the new openMSX CD v3
  • Sjoerd Lammertsma - What's an MSX fair without a nice competition? Sjoerd is going to organize an MSX Battle Opera competition and will also give a Bussum2k4 real-time report. Last but not least, he will also promote The Darkness God of Destroy website
  • Darkstone - Bounce Mania demonstration. Got curious? Check it out!

You need more? There will be more! This list is not definitive, but it sure does give a nice impression of the things that are going to take place this saturday. We suggest you to have a look at the official MSX Fair Bussum 2004 site for up-to-date information. See you at the fair!

Relevant link: MSX Fair Bussum 2004

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By SeD_NcL

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07-10-2004, 11:43

Well... I'm going to Bussum... Smile

By snout

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07-10-2004, 12:44

me too ^_^

By Latok

msx guru (3938)

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07-10-2004, 14:46

Bussum? Where? When? What?

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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07-10-2004, 15:10


By SeD_NcL

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07-10-2004, 18:17

Is there Grolsch available?

By Grauw

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08-10-2004, 00:57

One last-minute addition: FiXato and Xcite will also have a stand of their own.

And I guess that would pretty much be the list of participants for this year. Hope to see ya all this saturday!


By dexx

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08-10-2004, 15:30

i'll go too Smile
take my GT with me, it's the one with the black keyboard.

By snout

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08-10-2004, 15:42

Don't be shy and drop by at the MRC stand. It's always nice to talk to the active MRC forum posters in real life Wink

By Haohmaru

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08-10-2004, 18:45

I will, as soon as I get the financial picture of the fair (=how much cash do I need to buy all the cool stuff I see), I'll drop by. This also depends on where I will have my booth - I may even be visiting yours sooner that you'd hoped for Wink.

By meits

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08-10-2004, 23:29

I think we'll release something in Bussum... Hmmm... Yeah... Will fix something now... Will see what it turns out to be...

Check out the MRC stand... If we come up with something, it'll be there...

Hmmm... But maybe not...

Let us surprise you Tongue

By anonymous

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09-10-2004, 01:06

Don't be so mysterious Tongue
Just admit you have something! Smile