Nijmegen 2009 - Final reminder

by MSX Resource Center on 23-01-2009, 17:15
Topic: Events

Tomorrow, on January 24th, the annual MSX Fair in Nijmegen will take place again. The following participants will be present at this event:

  • openMSX Team - Demonstration of the upcoming openMSX 0.7.0., the new Catapult and the debugger GUI. And probably they'll be showing openMSX running on several interesting machines (like the GP2X handheld, Asus eee PC, OLPC).
  • MSX Vriendenclub Mariënberg - Promotion of MSX Vriendenclub Mariënberg
  • Bitwise - Promotion of Spanish and Brazillian games
  • Delta Soft - Demonstration and sale of home made software, like Konami Quiz 2 and Lucky Darts.
  • Maarten (NOP) & Raymond
  • Stichting Sunrise - Sales and repairs of Sunrise products
  • MSX Club West-Friesland - Promotion and sale of MSX equipment, including books and magazines
  • Jetze Mellema - Sale of all his MSX computers, including some rare ones!
  • MOAM team - demonstration of Moon Over Arba Minch, and their upcoming MSXdev entry.
  • Nowind - Discussion on the Nowind USB interface. Developers and ideas are highly welcomed. If you have some, this is your chance!

There are also still seats available for the afterparty dinner in the nearby Chinese restaurant. This dinner is limited to 35 participants, to prevent the crammed -but funny- chaos from 2008. If you wish to join this afterparty, make sure you reserve one of the -currently- ten available seats with the organization. First come, first served. We wish you a cozy MSX meeting tomorrow!

Relevant link: MSX Fair Nijmegen

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By JohnHassink

Ambassador (5601)

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23-01-2009, 19:55

See you tomorrow!!! Looking forward to it. Big smile

As said, the MOAM team / Trilobyte stand will be there.
I will personally throw in some Byte Reaktor stuff as well. Smile
You get to see / play:

* Project MOAM in its current development phase
* Our MSXdev entry, near-completion
* A new LEDA stage (sorry, no notable Acorn 2 progression)
* Our ugly mugs, which can, to make it worse, talk the ears from your head!

Will anyone be selling like, what's it called, 110-220 volt downward compatible thingie power cables BTW?

By Haohmaru

Paladin (774)

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23-01-2009, 20:02

(EDIT: assuming you mean a stepdown converter)

You can have one for free if you don't mind it only fitting in 'flat' power sockets.

But I'd recommend you still get yourself a decent one (afaik Repair Bas sells them)

See you tomorrow!

By JohnHassink

Ambassador (5601)

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24-01-2009, 13:55

I overslept. Crying Crying Crying

By snout

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24-01-2009, 14:04

...and I stranded in Zwolle with the mother of all migraines... grmblz.... :/

By Sama

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24-01-2009, 15:49

Hahaha. Not such a bad thing I decided not to go after all, if the two of you aren't even there.

By Abi

Hero (600)

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24-01-2009, 22:01

I was there and had the idea that there were more visitors as last year! I am glad that I was there today!