RU Barcelona 2007 - Brief report

by wolf_ on 09-12-2007, 23:30
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Source: Karoshi's forum

Yesterday, on December 8, 2007, the Asociación de Amigos del MSX the 32nd installment of the Reunión de Usarios de MSX de Barcelona, took place. Pictures of RU Barcelona are to be expected shortly, but for the moment here's an overview of the news of this event:

  • There was a presentation of the game Manbow 2
  • Padial and Ramones presented the latest version of the new hardware they're working on. With this, people will be able to read SD-cards, emulate DSK images, and boot a DOS2 version with the FAT16 driver included (booting from a FAT16 partition!)
  • There was a work-in-progress presentation of a prototype of a new PS-2 PC mouse converter for MSX, by La Sekta Group.
  • Matra has released Malaika and Jungle Hunt cartridges (Jungle Hunt was released by Bitwise on the MSX Fair in Bussum, 2 months ago). Also on sale were games from previous years, such as Beepertron, Ink and others.
  • Mohai tech has sold brand new handmade MSX merchandise like stickers etc.
  • Imanok showed a beta version from his last game: Txupinazo, a San Fermines Simulator.
  • One beer MSX stand, offering free beers for players who wanted to play any game on their computers.

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By cax

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12-12-2007, 20:20

"One Beer MSX" sounds cool Smile
Just one thing - who got his free beer - the one who played on the MSX he brought himself, or the one who played on machine that belongs to OBM stand holders ?

By jltursan

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12-12-2007, 21:40

The last one. The rules are simple, one play, one beer Cool

By selios2000

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13-12-2007, 11:42

Hello, it's MOAI-TECH, not Mohai Tech