The hardware company 8bits4ever created a mini version of their SX-1 MSX machine. This cut down FPGA board is MSX2+ compatible and comes in a small translucent blue case. An external cartridge caddy is sold separately. This product is now available by pre-order

Known for their excellent hardware like the Carnivore cartridge, 8bits4ever just announced the coming release of a mini version of their MSX2+ compatible SX-1 FPGA. It is planned to be shipped somewhere in October this year. The pre-order price is €95,- + shipping.

Specifications of the SX-1 mini

  • The SX-1 Mini is a cost reduced MSX FPGA compatible 100% with the MSX2+ standard.
  • It features VGA/RGB/Composite video output, stereo audio output, PS/2 keyboard input, 1 DB9 joystick ports, SD card slot and 2 cartridge slots (via external caddy). The unit has a small form factor, about 100x100 mm, and it comes in a 3D printed case.
  • Internally, the SX-1 Mini also features SCC+ sound, FM sound, 2 or 4 MB RAM mapper, and turbo mode (5,37mhz/8,06mhz). The external cartridge caddy allows the use of any MSX compatible cartridges. Each slot can be also configured as internal MegaSCC+.
  • You can connect any PS/2 keyboard and MSX compatible joysticks (DB9). The unit also includes a SD slot that can be used as mass storage device through BASIC or MSXDOS command line.
  • fully assembled in a 3D printed case


  • Altera Cyclone EP1C12Q240C8N FPGA
  • 32Mb SRAM
  • 2x standard MSX Cartridge Slot Connectors (via external caddy)
  • 1x microSD Card Slot
  • D-Sub 15 VGA/RGB video output w/scanlines generator.
  • RCA composite video output
  • 3.5mm jack stereo audio output
  • PS2 Keyboard port
  • 1 DB9 joystick port

Note, it Requires a 5v/2amp DC power supply which is not included. The 3D printed cases might show imperfections.
As always, the 8bits4ever-team will produce small quantities in each batch. The second batch will be available in mid November 2019.

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Comments (15)

By Kai Magazine

Paragon (1428)

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11-09-2019, 21:29

Exelent! 2 preorders for 2 new MSX compatible computers in less than 48 hours!

I see in the official page that the external caddy necessary to use cartridges is not included and it's sold separately for 30 euros but it's out of stock.

By hamlet

Scribe (4106)

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11-09-2019, 22:11

I have made the experience that 8bits4ever works very conscientiously and therefore only produces small batches.
A "sold out" only means that it can take a while until a new charge is produced.
They will inform you as a customer in time, so that you can take advantage of such opportunities.
A very friendly and courteous company. I like their products and service.

By syn

Prophet (2134)

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14-09-2019, 11:04

Very interested in this one. I wonder if it would be possible to use the caddy connector as a single cartridge port? Maybe with a short flat cable with a connector soldered to it. :

By Pablibiris

Paragon (1834)

Pablibiris's picture

15-09-2019, 11:23

Suspiciously similar...

I hope the real developer know this ^^

By hamlet

Scribe (4106)

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15-09-2019, 13:36

8bits4ever builds and sells hardware. Their portfolio shows that these do not necessarily have to come from their own house, for example the Carnivore2 or the ZX-Uno board.
Well, of course I don't know how this behaves in every special case, but I'm sure the team has a copyright awareness.

By zett

Hero (608)

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15-09-2019, 20:45

I love a nice small msx board

By Warchild

Paragon (1298)

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16-09-2019, 01:10

I never liked OCM and related because the lack of keyboard and looking more like a console than a computer. But this small version is nice. With this size, I think should be nice to pair it with a 7 inch monitor, external batteries, a joypad... and have a travel MSX. Maybe the best MSX option for some train hours? I'd like to have one of this...

About what Pablibiris pointed, I've read almost all the topic and found that the developer (if it's the same design used for the SX-1 mini) shared all his work with the condition of non-profit, but with no limit for units produced. In the text of the SX-1 mini, they state it is the " Cutted down version of our SX-1". This sounds a little like "we made it". I don't know about copyright, but I wish there's not too much trouble in this particular case. For people that can't assemble a unit for them selves, it's a real option. I don't know about production costs. If I buy all components and expent... really don't know... let's say 40€... I'd gladly pay 60€ to someone with the skills to assemble it to have a unit. BUT I think recognition to the developer is a minimum when he shared all for free. So something like "Original development by XXXXX" (if that's the case) is a good point.

By zett

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17-09-2019, 10:40

I hoped it had a usb c as power port. it would be easy to make a portable msx.

I most work on that for my sx-1

By Giangiacomo Zaffini 2

Champion (300)

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21-09-2019, 09:14

The price is another selling point here.
My personal rant: why doesn't it use modern usb keyboard and mouse?

By hamlet

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21-09-2019, 09:31


The price is another selling point here.
My personal rant: why doesn't it use modern usb keyboard and mouse?

There is no space left inside the FPGA to implement USB support. PS/2 is rather easy to do and already inside the OCM code.
I like the price and the formfactor and use a active USB to PS/2 adapter or an old Model M.

By Samor

Prophet (2220)

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02-10-2019, 20:22

It's lovely but I already have multiple Zemmix' so I'll have to let this one go....

I have an MSX Blaster now as well, the only "big one" still missing is a V9990 compatible card.

By hamlet

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hamlet's picture

27-10-2019, 18:54

8bits4erver started shipping the Mini.

I'm looking forward to test it!

By Alakran69

Resident (35)

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29-10-2019, 12:07

<3 oooooohhhhhhh!
Lovely pice of hardware!

By hamlet

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03-11-2019, 14:45

A nice little device. Very nice in this small form factor and also easy to install in your own DIY projects. The size makes this MSX2 computer unique.
My only point of criticism is the position of the connections. As you can see, all sides of the device are occupied with (necessary) connections.
But this should not spoil the fun of occasional use. The processing quality of 8bits4ever is first-class as usual. With the matching cartridge connector, you can have fun with original cartridges, but thanks to the SD card you can also play without it.
As with all Zemmix clones, you can use a PS/2 keyboard, there is no USB port on the device, but you can use a DB9 port for joysticks.
The sound is great thanks to the 3.5 headphone socket and there's nothing to stop you using it in your next holiday.
Really great small MSX2+!

By Pencioner

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03-11-2019, 18:02

Thanks for making this small overview Smile

hamlet wrote:

The sound is great thanks to the 3.5 headphone socket and there's nothing to stop you using it in your next holiday.
Really great small MSX2+!

Does it have less noise than Zemmix Neos have on audio tract?