MSX PS/2 mouse adapter - new version

by sd_snatcher on 15-03-2009, 11:45
Topic: Hardware

It's no secret within the MSX community that an MSX mouse in good condition is hard to find these days. Most of them are low-DPI devices that use the problematic ball-and-wheels mechanism, which doesn't work quite well after all these years.

There are some adapters for RS-232 and PS/2 mouses out there, but those are also rare to find and/or expensive. Also, there was a known design on the internet of a DIY PS/2 mouse adapter by Anikun, but apart from being a great initiative, it had two problems: it used a hard-to-find, old and expensive PIC (16F84A) and had a tendency to freeze quite a lot.

Sturaro took the burden to port the design to a much more affordable and easier to find PIC, the 16F628A. He ironed out the bugs that made it freeze, and he even added a fancy activity-led. And so, you now can build this DIY adapter yourself and use a brand new optical PS/2 mouse with SymbOS, or any other MSX application that requires a mouse!

Relevant link: MSX Hardware page

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By SaebaMSX

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15-03-2009, 11:57

This IS a very good new!!! Do the USB->PS2 converters work too? That theoretically would do most of mouses be MSX compliant. Smile

As I can't print the PCBs I hope some can build this in Europe to buy it! Or can it be ordered directly? Cool

By cax

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15-03-2009, 15:03

Is ATTiny2313 a rare chip ? caro made an adapter using this chip here:

By SaebaMSX

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15-03-2009, 15:35

I don't think this is that rare. Btw, this is great that you share that hardware with everybody instead of keeping it only in Russian pages. Smile

Or at least I did not see it before!

By ant0niutti

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15-03-2009, 18:45

SaebaMSX: Yes, the USB->PS2 converter work.

By cax

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15-03-2009, 19:41

caro also made memory mapped RAM (512K to 2M) internal board replacement for Yamaha YIS503 machines, and works now on MSX external PS/2 keyboard adapter. Now you know what happens on Russian forum Smile

As for mouse adapter, which one is easier and cheaper - caro's or Sturaro's ?


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17-03-2009, 22:34

Great... Now we only need someone to make and sell these things...

By Erikie

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18-03-2009, 12:16

I just ordered some necessary parts to make my prototype. When that works I can have PCBs made for $5 a piece. You need to add approx another $7.5(max) for the components so the whole thing costs around $12.5

By SaebaMSX

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19-03-2009, 13:13

Wise decision Erikie!

And thanks for the information, Cax! That PS/2 adapter would let F700 computers to use it? Smile

By cax

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19-03-2009, 14:11

if you are talking about PS/2 keyboard adapter - caro plans to connect it right where the built-in keyboard is attached to the MSX's motherboard. Currently it's planned for Yamaha YIS503 models only. If you want to ask about compatibility with other MSXes - please contact caro directly.

By caro

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19-03-2009, 17:49

Yes, my new adapter will allow to connect to the Sony HB-F700 PS/2 keyboard from the IBM-PC.

By SaebaMSX

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20-03-2009, 20:01

These are excellent news, caro!

In fact I have 2 F700s, but one of them has no keyboard anymore (someone needed it more than myself so it was a good gift). Besides of that the F700 keyboards are crappy and most of keys won't work after some time (even if they can revive for some time). Smile

By msxmakers

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19-04-2021, 16:21

As far as I know, the circuit shared by CARO in this link:
is the same used for this PCB:
However I can't get the ATTINY to load the software from my MSX and although I can record it with my eeprom programmer, it never seems to work. Should SYMBOS recognize it immediately?
At first it was hard to me finding the right connection to each pin of the DB-9 but now that was verified and I have still no success.
Can somebody help me with this?