New LPEMMC v4 cards

by Ramones on 17-09-2007, 13:25
Topic: Hardware

Leonardo Padial and Kralizec are working on a new version of the LPEMMC card. This card will support two different working modes:

  • Traditional mode, fully compatible with previous LPEMMC versions and YeongMan Seo hardware. This means it will work with the DRLPMMC driver and the SD/MMC driver designed by YeongMan Seo. It will also work with the specific SymbOS driver.
  • Fast mode, this is an improved new mode that will be about 8 times faster than the traditional one.

The new card will probably be sold in different sale formats and it will be released with a new DRLPMMC driver, supporting the new fast mode. As the project is in the testing stage right now, it's not possible to give more information at this moment.

Comments (6)

By Imanok

Paragon (1192)

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17-09-2007, 15:49

Great!! Looking forward that new card... I really want one!! Big smile

By dhau

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17-09-2007, 22:52

Nice, what's the price?

By karloch

Prophet (2157)

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17-09-2007, 23:41

I own a v2 of this card and it's a really fine piece of hardware. Clean dessing, works flawesly. It's just missing cartridge case...


Master (172)

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23-09-2007, 11:20

Another sweet piece of cake!!!can´t wait to have mine!!

By sd_snatcher

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24-09-2007, 00:13

I really want one of those!!!

By RobertVroemisse

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24-09-2007, 16:48

Me too! What is it!!!! Question Yet another system for reading sd cards?