Padial Bi-directional LPT-port

by snout on 26-08-2002, 11:40
Topic: Hardware

Source: MSX Mailinglist

Leonardo Padial created a bi-directional parallel printer port for MSX, to be used on an extension card. This extension card was originally intended as a replacement for broken FDD controllers, but has got more functionality now.The LPT port can be used to exchange data between an MSX and a PC at the speed of a Floppy Drive.You can buy the basic extension card (40 euros) and add a FDC-controller (36 euros), a Real Time Clock (12 euros) and/or the bi-directional LPT-port (12 euros) to that.For more information, go to Padial's website. Dutch people interested in buying Padial hardware can contact MSX Info