SM-X Unapi Pack version 1.1

SM-X Unapi Pack version 1.1

by ducasp on 16-06-2020, 21:16
Topic: Hardware
Tags: KdL, SM, UNAPI, update

Some people had some issues with SM-X freezing during network operations, and some other had issues were the WiFi radio was generating noise on the audio output. This package will update ESP8266 firmware of your SM-X as well as the files in your SM-X disk, so the freezing shouldn't occur anymore, and you will have means to disable WiFi when you don't need. There is a really nice Readme file in the package that took long time to write and describes everything.

A big thanks to KDL that has helped me a lot to test the new firmware and software included in this package, as well as contributed with changes to the WAITWIFI utility. Wink

Relevant link: The update can be obtained here.

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16-06-2020, 22:13