RetroGamer reviews WOOMB and MSX games

by snout on 08-02-2007, 15:43
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The UK magazine RetroGamer have published a 2-page review on the new retro gaming service and 5 MSX of the games out of its collection (Aleste 2, DiX, Frantic, Golvellius 2 and Undeadline). You can read the review in PDF format on Bazix' website, in the Bazix in the news section.

Relevant link: Bazix in the news

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By Samor

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09-02-2007, 11:34

The review is more about the games than the service, allthough what's written about it is very positive.

The games generally also got positive reviews (but is Aleste 2 really THAT difficult?), except for Frantic ("a good idea gone bad...much like communism" - ouch!)
It's nice to see the vision of non-MSX'ers on these games. I'm kinda surprised how they like Undeadline better than Aleste 2 Smile

By snout

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09-02-2007, 18:35

Long time ago, when I first played Aleste2, I remember finding it very very difficult as well. Slowly but surely I mastered the game though. I can't say the same about Undeadline though, where for me only finishing the Forest level is quite a breeze.