Salamander - Strafefox review

by snout on 25-09-2012, 17:00
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Strafefox released yet another nicely edited and informative game-review on his YouTube channel. This time he dives into one the background of Konami's the shoot'em-up Salamander. As usual, a lot of background information is revealed as well, such as footage of the original Arcade game and ports to other platforms (C64, Amstrad, NES), soundtrack and related anime series.

Relevant link: Salamander - Strafefox review

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By konamiman

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25-09-2012, 17:38

I think that the Amstrad version shown in 3:47 is actually the Spectrum version...

By meits

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25-09-2012, 19:25

I still wonder why I gave away my PS1 with all those MSX sequels :/

By mars2000you

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25-09-2012, 19:39

Because these games can run on a MSX machine or emulator !

Besides, no good ending for Salamander on PS1 ....

By meits

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25-09-2012, 19:49

Found myself a place to grab those isos again... I don't mean the MSX collections, but sequels... I liked them (and getting them now again... Now to find myself some empty CDs... Rarity...)

By Sama

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26-09-2012, 01:49

Thanks, Strafefox! I always really enjoy your MSX game reviews!