Blue box poll down, MSXdev08 poll up

by wolf_ on 15-02-2009, 12:22
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Another month, another poll. Prior to introducing the new poll, let's have a look at the outcome of the poll running of January/February: how do you write (or prefer to write) the name of that blue new FPGA-based MSX? After 53 votes, here is the outcome:

  • ..I don't care what it's called! 39%
  • 1chipMSX 26%
  • OneChipMSX 24%
  • ESE MSX System 3 9%

Clearly, for most people it isn't an issue what this machine is called. The names 1chipMSX and OneChipMSX are so close together that in general most people wouldn't really mind either option. As Ivan noted: the name OneChipMSX (OCM) is the name used by Bazix in their communication traffic, 1chipMSX is the name of the official and complete product (with blue transparent case) sold by D4 Enterprise, and ESE MSX System 3 is the name of the PCB designed by ESE Artists' Factory (Tsujikawa).

Having gone through this, it's time for a new poll! This new poll will be a short and simple one. For only two weeks we'll ask our MRC readers to pick their preferred MSXdev'08 winner in the main category: best game, overall. With twelve poll options, note that the individual absolute scores may eventually turn out a bit low, especially with voting only possible for users who are logged in with their MRC account. So, here is your opportunity for some kinda people's choice. When the jury members of MSXdev'08 have finished their task we'll see how their results match the results of the poll, and -as the results are expected at the end of the month- we'll do another mini poll again for two weeks until the time for a regular poll has come again. If you haven't seen all the MSXdev'08 entries yet, do try them please. They can be downloaded from the MSXdev website.

If you have an idea for an interesting poll, send your idea to and we will consider running your suggestion for a month.

Relevant link: Poll results

Comments (4)

By W76NearDark

Paladin (684)

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16-02-2009, 23:10

1chipMSX, OneChipMSX or ESE MSX System 3..... nothing beats the real deal!

By [D-Tail]

Ascended (8263)

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20-02-2009, 12:02

39 + 26 + 24 + 9 = 98 o_O

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (10095)

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20-02-2009, 12:15

rounding! I suggest that next time exactly 100 people will vote Tongue

By Edwin

Paragon (1182)

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21-02-2009, 00:08

What you did to the numbers was not rounding!