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by snout on 28-11-2004, 00:26
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On July 18th we started the MRC Bounce Challenge. A bit more than 12 weeks later the challenge, which resulted in 15 new MSX software titles, was closed. By then we had already announced the legendary André Ligthart and Martijn Maatjens, who created many demos and games under the name ANMA in the 1990's, would be the jurors of this challenge.

Today they found the time to have a look at all entries to the Bounce challenge, so that we could publish the results of the MRC Bounce Challenge. Things were particularly exciting as two of the entries, TNI's Bounce Demo and Sphere, received a one point penalty for missing the deadline of the challenge. This caused these demos, which ended on first and, respectively, third place in the ANMA rankings, to end a bit lower on the final results. Without further ado, here is the top 3 of the MRC Bounce Challenge:

01. Diary by Nyyrikki
02. TNI Bounce 2004 by TNI
03. Mururoa by Near Dark

The random prize of this challenge has been awarded to IC. The MRC would like to congratulate all winners of the MRC Bounce Challenge and would like to thank for everybody who contributed to the Bounce Challenge. Prize winners will be contacted by the MRC soon. You can watch a full list of results over here. André and Martijn promised us they will send us some comments on each entry as well, which will be published at the MRC in the future.

Do you want to win some cool MSX prizes? Why don't you consider joining our current competition: The Bombaman Level Edit Challenge. As you can see in this tutorial: creating your own Bombaman levels is really easy. One of these prizes can soon be yours. You can send your levels to before December 13th, 23:59 CET. More details on this challenge can be found over here.

Relevant link: MRC Bounce Challenge - Results

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By Sonic_aka_T

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28-11-2004, 00:38

o_O Hmm... certainly not the top3 I was expecting... But hey, we have a winner... Congratz!

By mars2000you

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28-11-2004, 01:04

Yes, we have a winner ... but a poll on MRC about the demos would have given another result ... I won't repeat here my choice, it's very known and I'm not the one to think the same.... It doesn't mean that Nyyrikki's demo is not interesting, it's even one of the most original demos and I like especially the final part .... but the real winner is for me another demo !

By Ivan

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28-11-2004, 01:11

For me Diary was the best demo presented. Congrats Nyyrikki!

By meits

Scribe (6581)

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28-11-2004, 03:08

Congrats to the winner... Though I expected Sphere to finish higher...

By DarQ

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28-11-2004, 05:02

Mururoa Big smile



Enlighted (6127)

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30-11-2004, 09:52

Wow, this was really surprice to me! I also didn't expect to win, this is actually first time I ever win MSX competition!

I'm a bit sorry for Wolf... Although Sphere was technically a bit buggy, the graphics, music and design was state of the art quality. This only proves, that it is very hard to compare totally different system requirements and design styles.

TNI entry was just an opposite entry... Very technical, but put around really old skool text scroller.

Blend was also a very nice entry although it is quite a hard to success on MSX1 area after BandWagon and Lieves!Tuore put expectations so high! Smile

Maybe Diary was a bit of mixture of tech stuff, bullshit and original design or maybe it just got one extra point, because of ANMA's Squeek was visiting the demo. Tongue

Anyway thanks to all of you and expetially to those who participated this compo! I'm also eager to hear ANMA's comments.

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (10157)

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30-11-2004, 11:22

heya NYRRIKKI, relax Smile

We'll be back @ another challange. (this time *with* a decent loader) ^___^

However, there's indeed a major difference between coder-productions and artist-productions.. that's how we best describe tni bounce and sphere. And since T.B. and S. are so 100% different, the resulting votes largely depend on the judge's taste.. if the judge is a coder, then the focus would be on code prolly.. if the judge is not really a scene-coder (think Frank H. Druijff on Underwater) then chances are that the focus will be more on art.
I don't see Sphere are a movie tho, well sortof, but it's not just a plain movie since it has a custom frame-order and palette-changes. And besides, it's either showing effects like this or have nothing like this at all.. without this point of view the only stuff we would still be doing is throwing typical ingredients into the demosoup, like screensplits, palette-changes, vertical/horizontal scrolls and sprites (btw, I'm not referring to any demo in special.. this is simply a summary of the classic demo-scene in general, I'm the first one to agree that tni bounce is technically top-notch). Sphere sneeked away from these concepts to do something entirely new.. and the fact that the code is quite simple is nice for the history books, I believe the average watcher doesn't care ^___^

we'll be bak~ hasta la vista

By Vincent van Dam

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30-11-2004, 21:02

About blend; I think it isn't comparible with the L!T and Bandwagon stuff, blend is a typical logo-scroll demo (but on MSX1), while their demo's typically were not. The challenge in blend was optimizing it to run at a decent speed (which was quite succesful, there's even some cpu power left).