Downloads top 10; August 2004

by snout on 01-09-2004, 00:08
Topic: MRC

It's the first of September, so lets have a look at which files have been downloaded the most in August 2004. As usual, new releases are doing very well. In this month, the following 10 files were downloaded the most:

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Comments (4)

By flyguille

Prophet (3028)

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01-09-2004, 01:10

WWWOWWW!!! how many downloads has just the old second DEMO!!!!!

By [D-Tail]

Ascended (8258)

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02-09-2004, 00:01

That's the prize you get for so many hours of devving Wink

Keep up the good work! Smile

By MSi

Resident (62)

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02-09-2004, 09:02

Wow.. ROM1 is still in the TOP 10 ;-)

that makes me happy!

By The_Engineer

Master (179)

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04-09-2004, 00:28

Hahaha, I see that Jorrith downloaded Bet Your Life another 60 times.
Keep on downing!