Most important MSX news of 2004 [nominations]

by snout on 27-12-2004, 22:32
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

Last year the first edition of the "Most important MSX news of..." megapoll was held. We liked it a lot and therefore decided to make a tradition out of it. So as of today you can send in your nominations for the "Most important MSX news of 2004" megapoll.

Last year our visitors decided the 20th anniversary of MSX was the most important MSX news of 2003. Do you want to have a say in which MSX news is the most important of 2004? Sending in nominations is easy, as all you have to do is post them in our forums. In this forum thread you can find further explanations and post your nominations. So join us, if you had not already done so, log in, dive into the 2004 MSX news archive and send in your nominations over here!

You can send in your nominations until January 7th, 2005, 23:59CET. Happy nominating!

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