MSX T-Shirts: First batch available until July 1st, 2005

by snout on 16-06-2005, 03:11
Topic: MRC

Source: MRC Newsletter 13

As more than 100 T-Shirts had been sold, production became inevitable. Until July 1st, 2005, you can still sign up to get yourself one (or more) official MSX T-Shirts. At the moment we're not sure yet if and when we will publish a second batch of shirts, so make sure you don't miss out on the first one. You can order the shirts for only € 9,99 a shirt right here.

The T-Shirts we will be using are the Super Premium quality shirts of Fruit of the Loom. The MSX Logo will be printed on these blue T-Shirts by silk-screen. The shipping and packaging costs of the T-Shirts are built-up as follows:

  • If you are to collect the MSX T-Shirts at an MSX fair/meeting in the Netherlands, you don't have to add any shipping or packaging costs
  • If you live in the Netherlands, shipping costs are 2,- if you ordered 1 shirt and 3,- if you ordered more than 1 shirt
  • If you live in Europe, shipping costs are 2,55 if you ordered 1 shirt and 4,- if you ordered more than 1 shirt
  • If you live outside Europe, shipping costs are 3,55 if you ordered 1 shirt and 6,35 if you ordered more than 1 shirt

Relevant link: MSX T-Shirts - Order page

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By djh1697

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18-06-2005, 10:10

Hi, you email me with info on how to order and pay for my MSX T-shirts, please can you send me the mail again? I wanted two shirts in XL!

By maverick2

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21-01-2012, 10:59

Hi, The order page link not work , I want 2 Tshirts one for me and one for mi wife .
For me the size xxl and for my wife xl .
Accept your paypal to pay mwhit ethod ?
For contacted with me , my email is