MSXdev'10 first donations

by hap on 22-03-2010, 23:17
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

A week after MSXdev'10 was launched, donations are trickling in. hap and David started off by donating €20 and €10, respectively, to be received by the lucky winner of MSXdev'10, future will tell who that will be.

Open sponsorship has kicked off too. n_n from IRC started a subcontest where anyone that joins and gets a score of 40% or more will win some money, though the list of possible contestants is limited to discomeats, FiXato, Allosoft, TNI with BiFiMSX as main developer, and Infinite with Wolf_ as main coder, hopefully without pain.

Keep the donations coming, let's hope the MSX community will be as generous as the last couple of years.

Relevant link: MSXdev'10

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