Multilanguage poll closed, diskmag poll up!

by snout on 29-03-2003, 17:32
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25 days ago we offered you the opportunity to vote for a multilingual MSX Resource Center. The results of this poll were so interesting and motivating, that we are planning to introduce a multilingual MSX Resource Center soon. Three Spanish translators have teamed up with the MRC in order to translate the MRC interface to Spanish, while testing the translation scripts. If all goes well, a Spanish version will be unleashed in the near future. Once that is settled, we can add other languages on the fly. All we need for that is the support of you - our visitors. We need at least three translators a language. Sign up as a potential translator if you're interested.

The final poll results to the question 'In what language other than English would you like to see this site' are...

  • 1. Spanish (25.32%)
  • 2. Japanese (18.67%)
  • 3. Portuguese (Brazil) (17.88%)
  • 4. Just English, it's fine this way (15.35%)
  • 5. Dutch (14.72%)
  • 6. French (8.07%)

A grand total of 632 people voted to this one. Our next poll takes us back to the way new games, demo's and information spread before the days of the internet. Many people were subscribed to diskmagazines in the early nineties. We have listed the most familiar diskmagazines for MSX and ask... which one did you like the most? Happy voting!

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By Grauw

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31-03-2003, 22:59

Tsss I don't even see our Track diskmagazine in it. Surely if it had been there it would have gained a massive amount of votes (well, at least mine...) ^_^.