Oneliner Challenge 01 - Smiley Talk

by snout on 27-08-2005, 20:53
Topic: MRC
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Last Wednesday we started the MRC Oneliner Challenge. Today, Wolf_ and Sonic_aka_T sent us the first entry to this MSX-BASIC development contest: Smiley Talk.

This small demo contains (^_^( and )o_O) (known from Infinite's News2004 demo). As Wolf_ and Sonic state, this time they're keeping up their foreign languages, and foreign it definitely is as it looks like a mix of East-European and Asian. Allthough the conversation is purely random, the generated words are created in a way in which they seem to have some kind of realism, which makes up for a very interesting show. The original version by Wolf_ had about 300 characters, Sonic_aka_T optimized it to make it fit in a single line. Have fun reading!

Relevant link: Smiley Talk

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