Puzzle Editor for QBIQS

by Sonic_aka_T on 31-08-2008, 18:22
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Z80ST Software is working on a game for MSX1 called QBIQS which is based on Quarth, the well-known puzzle/action game released by Konami for MSX2 and other platforms in the late eighties/early nineties. QBIQS has a smooth scroll, much better than the one of Block Hole, a Quarth clone made by Zemina for MSX1 in 1990.

Now Z80ST Software has released an online Puzzle Editor for QBIQS. The Puzzle Editor was made in JavaScript and can export data to a HEX string which can be sent to Z80ST Software to be included in QBIQS.

Relevant link: QBIQS Puzzle Editor

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By anonymous

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31-08-2008, 21:33

Tonight or tomorrow I will update the editor with a new feature: you can load a puzzle Tongue

Thanks all for the puzzles!!