Eggbert goes iPhone

by wolf_ on 20-02-2009, 12:14
Topic: MSX Related

A number of days ago, TouchArcade reported that Toki Tori will get an iPhone release. Toki Tori, by game studio TwoTribes, is otherwise known to us as Fony's Eggbert, an MSX2 game released in 1994. This platform-puzzle hybrid was released as Toki Tori in 2001 for the Gameboy Color and later on for Wii. This Wii version eventually got nominated for Best WiiWare Game and Best Puzzle Game at IGN’s 2008 game awards.

Relevant link: Touch Arcade (contains a video of the Wii version!)

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By Ivan

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20-02-2009, 13:17

Eggbert is a very good game, love the original MSX version. It deserves a reissue!
And probably it went unnoticed to people outside the Dutch MSX scene, I discovered the game years later (it was released on 1994).

By spl

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20-02-2009, 18:15

I bought the Wiiware version just the 1st minute of life of Wiiware. I love this game!! Also, I love too much the MSX version with only Music Module, with music and FX trough MSX-AUDIO. The problem is that if you have a FM PAC you only heard the effects trough the MM (It happens to me with the 1chipMSX and I can't disable the FM).