Remember the great MSX2 game Firebird? Or Hi no Tori in Japanese? The phoenix character of Firebird and part of the background story are based on the works of Osamu Tezuka, Japans biggest pioneer considering the birth of Manga. It has been only a couple of months back before some of his greatest works found their way into English or Dutch.

Frequent forum visitors will probably already know this. However, as an ode to Tezuka, an official website has been created, with information about all his works, books, anime, manga and an extensive character list to name a few. The build-in search engine will point you to a lot of Phoenix related pages, but I will already give you a few starting points below. Two Hi no Tori books have been translated to English. Looking at some disclosed bookpages, anime fans won't be dissapointed.

The homepage of the official Osamu Tezuka web (in Japanese, but with great flash demo including the Phoenix flying by) can be found here. You can also view this homepage, without the flash demo in English here or go straight toward the English Phoenix section

You can buy Phoenix: Dawn on Amazon UK, Amazon FR or Amazon US
You can buy Phoenix: A tale of the future on Amazon UK, Amazon FR or Amazon US

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By Sama

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24-08-2003, 01:50

Did I inspire you with my post at the 'Best PSG song ever - round 5' forum or is this just coincidence? Smile

By Sander

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24-08-2003, 03:04

Partly Smile The actual post involved is the following: started by Grauw in Feb. this year. Yours made me think about it again, and I indeed looked a bit around to see if I could find new information on this subject.