GR3 Project: Gradius clone finalized

by Bart on 15-10-2002, 15:54
Topic: MSX Related
Tags: Remakes

A great new clone of the famous Gradius has been made by the staff of the GR3 project. The clone is completely written in java and thus working in a browser and standalone. The staff has created an amazing piece of software. To summarize some things:

  • 7(!) stages with different gfx
  • Hidden stage
  • All game music downloadable
  • Great game storyline
  • 16 page PDF manual

The complete development history can be read on the site aswell. It includes drawings of the stages and ships, the ingame tiles, etc.Be sure to download this game and try it! Also check out the manual, as it has great drawings of the ships, monsters and characters.

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By mth

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16-10-2002, 02:23

I am playing this game right now. Well, actually I am typing this right now, but I pressed F1 in the game which works as expected.

I first tried the standalone version, which opened a window of about 40x20 pixels, so it was unplayable. Then I tried the applet version (, which works fine if I start it using the appletviewer (part of JDK). Command line: "appletviewer gr3.htm". I am playing under Linux on a P2/400 and it runs fine.

Compared to the Gradius games on MSX, I think this one is a bit slower, but with a larger number of enemies at once. I think it's a bit easier than the MSX versions, based on the fact that I could reach stage 2 on the first game I started. But there is plenty of action to keep you involved.

In addition to the normal power-ups, there are "E-pods" like Salamander has. After each stage you can buy new weapon options (2-way missile, down laser etc) with the E-pods you collected.

Anyway, I am going to play it some more. You should do that as well!