Konami classics in Xbox Live Arcade

by snout on 20-09-2006, 14:57
Topic: MSX Related

Source: Joystiq

After the announcement of MSX support in Nintendo Wii's virtual console, Microsoft announced their next-gen console, the Xbox 360 is to add several classic Konami and Namco arcade games in their Live Arcade including Contra, Dig Dug, Track & Field (Hyper Olympic) and Yie Ar Kung-Fu. The latter will be exclusively available in Japan only, for the time being. Several other games such as Frogger, Galaga, Pac-Man and Time Pilot are already available on the Live Arcade service.

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By Sonic_aka_T

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21-09-2006, 14:41

Oh M$, trying to steal the wiiiii's thunder! Tongue

By Grauw

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21-09-2006, 15:00

But will they be the MSX versions?

By Samor

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21-09-2006, 18:02

I think MS was first....

and the article suggests they're the arcade versions.