La Mulana released in Japan

by snout on 22-06-2011, 14:36
Topic: MSX Related

Yesterday the WiiWare version of La Mulana, a game that clearly and openly celebrates the history of Konami MSX games, was released in Japan. This has been announced on the Japanese La Mulana website, where you can also order a La Mulana guide book. Celebrating the release the developers have also added this video preview on YouTube. La Mulana is available for 1200 Wii Points. US and European releases are to be expected later this year.

Relevant link: La Mulana website

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By snout

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22-06-2011, 14:40

*love* the MSX T-Shirt on the la mulana website. Nicely done! (And what about that wink to Penguin Adventure @ 1:34?). Just remember where/how this project started. Quite an achievement!!!

By Huey

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22-06-2011, 15:16

I am a little bit sceptical about the release (removing the fond memories of MSX games (game-play and gfx wise) but I think that this game will stand out form the rest of the online WII content.

I still have the dump of the original La-Mulana site on my laptop as the gfx in the original version are like a bible to me Wink
Anyone interested in the first public available beta version? It is far away from the final PC version. It even has 8pixel scrolling (and no enemies).

By Konamito

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22-06-2011, 15:21

@Huey, I'm interested in this first beta...

By konamiman

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22-06-2011, 15:22

Now we just need someone to develop the MSX port... Tongue

By JohnHassink

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22-06-2011, 15:27

they did sneak an MSX shirt in with the old dude in the village. ;)

By Huey

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22-06-2011, 15:39

@jonh: They redefined the MSX abbreviation in the game...."

From the official site:

about Lemeza:
What you would call a PC fanboy and very able computer engineer, Kosugi always has his Mobile SuperX personal notebook computer handy.

about elder Xelpud:
He’s a PC fan and big on using the Internet, too.

By JohnHassink

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22-06-2011, 15:47

$ell out?

By Huey

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22-06-2011, 15:50

I would Wink

Remember that from the targeted audience for the WII probably 2%(not counting the japanese market) knows what MSX is nowadays.

Next to that the trademarks should also be a problem.........

By Sarcasmic

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22-06-2011, 17:15

A v9990 versionEvil or v9958Hannibal

By syn

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23-06-2011, 15:26

maybe they removed the msx references because of copyright issues?