MSXplug for foobar2000

by Latok on 11-06-2004, 15:14
Topic: MSX Related

Source: VORC

Like Winamp, foobar2000 is an advanced audioplayer for the Windows platform. It is developed by Peter Pawlowski, member of the Winamp team.

Digital Sound Antiques has been busy developing an MSXplug for Winamp2 and KbMediaPlayer for quite some time now. Such an MSXplug makes it possible to play MSX music which is stored in popular fileformats such as KSS, MGS, BGM, OPX, MPK and MBM.

RuRuRu is adapting the MSXplug to make it work with foobar2000 as well. Just recently, the latest alpha version was released. On this english part of his website you can read some more info and download the latest version. Keep in mind that foobar2000 already was able to play KSS-files using the NEZplug foo_nez.dll. If you want to play KSS-files using the RuRuRu MSXplug foo_msx.dll, you need to modify the NEZplug and disable its KSS support. Therefor, a modified NEZplug foo_nezj.dll is also available at RuRuRu's website

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