Sprite x Xevious

by snout on 08-05-2012, 12:05
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In Japan, Coca Cola are promoting their soft drink Sprite with a special edition of Xevious, the classic shoot'em-up from Namco. As far as we know this is the first time a large brand uses the charm of retro games to promote their products. The game has been slightly adapted from its original version, with Coca Cola bottle caps appearing as bonus items.

Until the 30th of May, players can compete online for the highest ranking in the hall of fame. The 30 best players will win a case with 24 bottles of soft drinks. Be prepared for some tough competition as right now, one day into the competition, a score of at least one million points is required to rank in the top 30.

Namco released the MSX2 game Xevious Fardaut Saga in 1988. The Korean software developer Zemina released an MSX1 version called The Micro Xevious in 1990.

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By Gradius2

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08-05-2013, 23:50

JFYI, there is nothing "soft" on those poisoned "soft drinks".

By hamlet

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08-05-2020, 16:54

When I read sprite, I think of 32.