YS - 20th anniversary

by Bart on 15-02-2007, 23:58
Topic: MSX Related

20 years ago Falcom released the first episode in the YS saga which gave Falcom the opportunity to celebrate. On an "official portal website", as Falcom calls it, the YS series is celebrated. Furthemore the latest game in the series is promoted: YS Origin. The dedicated anniversary site offers background information on YS, wallpaper downloads (YS Origin only), fanletters and most interestingly an invitation to come visit a live performance of YS music. At this event YS Origin and a CD called "Falcom Live" can be bought.

Relevant link: YS 20th anniversary official portal website

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By ro

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16-02-2007, 12:05

I finished YS origin a few weeks ago and it made me feel like playing YS1&2 again. This time, however, on PC. YS complete has been translated to English, so a good argument to play'm. I finished both games within one week! (very easy playing with English, we MSX fans as Japanese game veterans. ghehe)

And it was good!

YS really are great games, on both MSX as on PC. Running Naked in a Field of Flowers