On May 26th, Taito and Falcom are to release a Playstation 2 version of YS IV: The mask of the Sun. This new version comes with a brand new 3D engine, new stories and events and an element system, which makes it possible to make element-based attacks with the Holy Sword.

With the release of this game, Falcom is one step closer to releasing the complete YS series on Playstation 2. The only YS game not likely to be released for PS2 is YS IV - Dawn of YS. Other YS releases for Playstation 2, like YS I and II eternal, YS III: Wanderers from YS, YS V and YS VI: The arc of Napishtim have already been released or announced.

Relevant link: YS IV: The mask of the Sun - a new theory; First screenshots.

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By Whizzy

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08-03-2005, 10:23

Someone know if these YS versions are available in the Netherlands ? (PAL versions)... ?

By snout

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08-03-2005, 19:08

As far as I know the most likely title to be released in Europe soon is YS VI, The Ark of Napishtim... Perhaps the others will follow Wink