Aiky embraces MSX on its frontpage

by snout on 25-08-2003, 15:51
Topic: MSX Revival

Source: MSD

We reported before that Aiky is the company that bought most of Compile's copyrights after Compile went bankrupt. Since most of the Aiky employees are ex-Compile employees it was good to see that Aiky did not forget about their past. A month ago Aiky started selling the MSX game Zanac through the digital webshop Project EGG. Among the visitors of the MSX Resource Center Zanac was already voted as one of the best MSX1 games ever. Now, Aiky shows their faith in the MSX Revival by putting information on Zanac on their frontpage. Perhaps more Aiky/Compile titles will follow in the future.

Relevant link: Aiky's page on Zanac