EGG - New lineup with Aiky/Compile titles

by snout on 08-08-2003, 12:40
Topic: MSX Revival

Project EGG, a Japanese retrocomputing webshop has closed a deal with Aiky which made it possible to release several Compile titles running on the MSXPLAYer engine.

In January the curtains fell for one of the best Japanese softwarehouses, Compile. Several ex-compile employees raised a new company, Aiky, and bought the remaining Compile copyrights. On MSX Compile have released several interesting titles including Zanac (voted third in the best MSX1 game ever competition) and Aleste 2 (voted third in the best MSX2 game ever competition).

One of the titles re-released by Project EGG is Zanac. Other new releases are Zaider - Battle of Peguss, Navitune and Great War (FM).

Relevant link: Project EGG