Another Primitive Sound MSX CD AUDIO release

by Latok on 05-09-2002, 08:51
Topic: Music

Primitive Sound is an online music label which is specialized in releasing gamemusic.Last year they released a cd audio with gamemusic from the MSX games Kanzen Kouryaku Kyokugen and Pleasure Hearts. You can find some more info regarding this release here

On the 27th of october 2002 Primitive Sound will release another MSX cd audio. This time with gamemusic from the MSX version of ONE.You don't know what ONE is? Just check this for more info on this from Windows to MSX converted game.

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By anonymous

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05-09-2002, 14:13

My Japanese isn't what it use to be Smile

By snout

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05-09-2002, 15:27

ehhh.. you can use one of the online translation services around Wink

By Hally

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05-09-2002, 15:32


well, it's not One. One is just another bishoujo game for msx. you can see the project at:

the game of which album is planned is called "Shuhmatsu no Sugoshikata". English title is available from Windows version:


By Latok

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06-09-2002, 09:02

Hally, thank you very much for your reaction. Your Japanese is much better than ours Smile